A Seeker’s Code

A seeker is responsible for everything in his life. He does not blame is government, his family, his circumstances, his relationship, or his job for his problems. A seeker recognises himself as the source and cause of events and circumstances of his life. He knows that the only way out is in.

A seeker walks the path not for fame or glory or righteousness. He walks the path to know himself and know truth. A seeker knows that love, joy, and peace may come, but they are not the reason for walking the path. He accepts the good and the bad, the pleasure and the pain. He accepts his experience without judgment.

A seeker understands that each person’s path is unique, and neither conforms nor compares.

A seeker knows that freedom only comes with responsibility. The path is not about escaping life, but about embracing life. The more one engages and participates in life, the more life reveals itself.

A seeker solves problems at the root. He is not satisfied with temporary solutions or distractions. A seeker does not dwell on the superficial, he always looks beneath and beyond.

A seeker is humble. He knows what he knows and acknowledges what he doesn’t know. A seeker is willing to doubt and question conclusions. He is open to discovery because he dares to say, “I don’t know”. A seeker knows that not knowing opens doorways to truth.

A seeker lets go of beliefs and ideals.

A seeker is open to possibilities.

A seeker never stops.

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