14 great Jack Ma quotes from Gateway’17 On leadership, entrepreneurship, perseverance, and change

Jack Ma recently gave the keynote speech at Gateway’17, a conference hosted by Alibaba group in Detroit.

Here are 14 great quotes from his keynote and interview with Charlie Rose:

1 — Most of the people they have fancy ideas in the evening. But when the wake up in the day, they go back to do the same job. We have to do something different.

2 — A lot of entrepreneurs know that I hate people work for me. I want people to work for the mission we agreed together. Our company must be vision and mission driven.

3 — If you want to have smart people work for you, smart people need to be managed by culture, not by rules and laws. The base of the culture is trust.

4 — As an entrepreneur, if everything is ready, that does not need you. Because nothing is ready, that needs entrepreneurship.

5 — If you want to be a long-term company, the only thing to think about is customers. Do not focus on your competitors. Focus on your customers.

6 — My job is not to make people happy. My job is to make people think.

7 — Today is very difficult. Tomorrow is even more difficult. But the day after tomorrow is very beautiful. Most people die tomorrow evening. If you don’t work hard, you don’t see the sunshine.

8 — People say, how could you inspire people when days are so bad? We hire people who are very self-motivated. Don’t hire people who are very complaining. As a leader, you should never complain. If you complain, nobody will follow you.

9 — We have to be optimistic. I’m lucky enough to meet so many great business leaders all over the world. I find all of them, they are very optimistic.

10 — You have to love what you do. If you do not like the things you’re doing, your life is in trouble.

11 — As a startup, stay focused. So many startups they change dreams every day. If there are 9 rabbits on the ground, don’t change the rabbit, change yourself. You have to stick to that rabbit until you got it. Don’t change the rabbit all the time; you will get nothing.

12 — The world is changing very very fast. Don’t complain about the change. Because, if you complain, it changes. If you don’t complain, it changes. So embrace the change, and change yourselves.

13 — Please also pay special attention to women. Women care for other people much more than men. Men care for themselves more than women. Women are going to be very powerful in 21st century. Because last century, people compare muscle. This century, people compare wisdom, about user-friendliness.

14 — Robots are going to replace a lot of jobs. Machine is going to be smarter. But human beings is always wiser. Teach your kids to be more creative, to be more innovative. Because only those people who are creative, innovative, they can survive.

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